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Капитал. рынка
$ 1.99T
Объем 24ч
$ 87.40B
BTC Домин.
46 Gwei

Биржа BW.com

Rank: 45
Торговые пары: 46
Currencies listed: 0
Юрисдикция: Australia
Год основания: 2017


Объемы 24H

$ 102,622,563
Ƀ 2,384

Объемы 7D

$ 863,500,995
Ƀ 18,773

Объемы 30D

$ 4,278,129,920
Ƀ 88,954
Обновлено: 2 minutes назад

Типы ордеров

  • Market

Активные рынки и котировки биржи BW.com

О BW.com

World first digital asset derivatives exchange based on mining pool.

B stands for Bit, the smallest unit of the information world. It also represents the blockchain technology and digital assets with Bitcoin being the most notable. W has two meanings, one is “World”, which represents BW’s vision to create a diverse and self-governing community through production, appreciation and circulation of digital assets; the other is “Wealth”, which represents BW's hope to share development achievements with platform users and investors through innovative business models, leading technologies, and participation of global communities.