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Капитал. рынка
$ 1.91T
Объем 24ч
$ 47.48B
BTC Домин.
68 Gwei

Биржа WBF

Rank: 82
Торговые пары: 57
Currencies listed: 0
Юрисдикция: Singapore
Год основания: 2019


Объемы 24H

$ 6,738,518
Ƀ 161

Объемы 7D

$ 58,105,642
Ƀ 1,351

Объемы 30D

$ 262,055,525
Ƀ 5,697
Обновлено: 2 минуты назад

Типы ордеров

  • Limit
  • Market
  • Stop


  • Margin Trading
  • Derivatives
  • Futures
  • OTC Desk

Активные рынки и котировки биржи WBF


WBF Exchange is a centralized exchange which was registered in Singapore in January 2019. It is a subsidiary of WBF Group, which was registered in New York in 2017. Its founding team has members from New York, Singapore, and China. WBF Exchange supports spot trading, contract trading, leveraged trading, lending, and options trading.
WBF claims to have users from 177 countries and branches in 13 cities such as New York, London, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul, and Tokyo. WBF Exchange aims to build a digital financial service platform with the most currencies, the largest registered user base, a strong customer experience, and a stable and safe technical structure.