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Akropolis [AKRO]
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A lightweight, universal protocol layer capable of being deployed on a variety of blockchains

Akropolis AKRO IEO Review

IEO is ended: 16 Jul — 16 Jul 2019

IEO platformHuobi Global iconHuobi Global

IEO price

$ 0.00813
HT 0.00194

ROI since IEO

USD: 8.94x  (+793.5%)
HT: 1.92x  (+91.7%)


USD: 10.85x  (984.9%)


$ 2,400,000

Tokens For Sale


Private/Pre-sale is ended: 1 Jan — 1 Mar 2019

Private/Pre-sale price

$ 0.005

ROI since Private/Pre-sale

USD: 14.52x  (+1,352%)

ATH ROI since Private/Pre-sale

USD: 17.63x  (1662.9%)

Tokens For Sale


Akropolis IEO was conducted from 16 Jul to 16 Jul 2019 by the project team from Russia.

HT currencies was accepted.

256,000,000 tokens were offered for public sale out of a 4,000,000,000 tokens for sale.

The project raised $ 2,400,000 out of $ 2,400,000.

Private/Pre-sale investors were able to buy Akropolis tokens at a price $ 0.005. They have got 1351.98% gain from their investments.

Investments of the Akropolis are now down about 558.45 percent.

At the $ 0.0881 ATH price on 1 Apr 2021 investors were able to sell this position with 10.85x ROI in USD.

The Akropolis token is now trading at 8.94x in USD from the IEO price.

IEO token price was $ 0.00813.


Token economics

Total Hard Cap

$ 2,400,000

Total Raised

$ 2,400,000

Token allocation

Total supply:
For sale:
Public sale:

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About ICO Akropolis

Optimization of the rules for optimizing the currency rules:

1. Trading method: Users can trade in the HT trading area 

of the Firecoin Global Station; 2. Participation qualification: The third period of Huobi Prime begins at the beginning of this period (May 22 00) :00:00-7, 15th, 23:59:59) The minimum daily position reaches 1000 HT; 

(The next Prime qualification is still the lowest daily position in the period from the current period to the beginning of the next period) 

3. Trading Rules: 

Settings The ladder price limit period is divided into two rounds, each round is 10 minutes, and the liquidation is settled for 10 minutes for a total of 20 minutes. Each limit is set to a limit price range (the highest tradable price), and the user can trade in a limited price range. 

The first round is a random matching transaction. Users with trading quotas can hang out the limit buy order at the trading time. At the end of the trading time, the system will randomly select a fixed proportion of users to conduct the transaction (the random mode specific rules will be announced later). 

The second round is a match-by-sale match. Users with a trading quota can hang a limit buy order at the time of the transaction. At the end of the trading period, for all buy orders for the purchase price, the system will perform a match-by-sale match: 

(1) All There will be some transactions for the pending orders for the purchase of one price; 

(2) The expected volume of each purchase order is directly proportional to the total amount of the purchase order ; 

(3) The estimated volume of the user is as follows:


The specific time and the proportion of each round of distribution are as follows: 

Limit period: 20:00 on July 16, 2019 - 20:29:29 on July 16, 2019; the limit period is divided into two rounds, 10 minutes each, in the middle 10 minutes as the liquidation time. 

The first round: 20:00:00-20:09:59; trading 20% ​​tokens; 

liquidation settlement: 20:10:00-20:19:59 

second round: 20:20:00-20:29: 59; trading 80% tokens;

4. The transaction limit (corresponding to the HT exchange ratio will be announced on the day of the purchase): 

Long-term continuous holding of HT users will receive a larger order amount, the calculation rule is: 

the order amount is equal to the third period Huobi Prime to the beginning of the current period (May 22, 00:00:00-7, 15:23:59:59) The minimum daily HT position, the lower limit is 1000HT, the upper limit is 5000HT; for example, if the minimum position of a user is 6500HT, the order amount is 5000HT. After each round of ordering, the system will complete the order according to the rules.

Project Information:

Project Name: Akropolis (AKT) 

Total Pass: 4,000,000,000 AKT 

Total Transaction: 320,000,000 AKT (8% of total pass) The 

tradable volume per round is: 64,000,000 AKT, 256,000,000 AKT 

Price Limit: The two rounds of the limit price are: 1AKT = $0.005, $0.008125 (corresponding to the HT exchange ratio will be announced on the day of the purchase)