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24h Spot Volume$ 41.95B+61.1%
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TorkPad Launchpad

Rank: 70

Year Of Foundation: 2021


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  • Blockchain Service32.3%

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  • GameFi22.6%

  • DeFi16.1%

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About TorkPad Platform

What is TorkPad Crypto Launchpad and how does it work?

The first to affix the flourishing forever profit the most. as a results of they're continuing the project from scratch, they have to relish the fruits of success. A crypto launch pad is that the simplest place to appear for a project. among the initial phase.

The number of cryptocurrencies continues to increase monthly. As of November 2021, Statista confirms that there are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies on the market. However, with the advent of coins, cryptocurrency scams have also risen. According to The Independent, cryptocurrency scams have increased by more than 30% in 2021 compared to the previous year. That's where a trusted cryptocurrency launchpad (like TorkPad) comes in.

What Is a Crypto Launchpad?

As the crypto industry expands massively and many projects rely on the decentralized world to raise capital for their projects, 2021 has brought us a rich number of newborn crypto launchpads.

Crypto launchpads, in addition known as crypto incubators, area unit platforms that allow blockchain-based involves elevate capital whereas giving access to early-stage token sales for his or her cluster of investors. getting access to early-stage sales suggests that a discount} price for the investors before the final public launch on the market. Also, as a results of the worth of launching in associate passing crypto launch area is low (or insignificant), additional and more comes are heading towards launchpads for fundraising.

Starting a project through a launchpad provides security to both founders and investors. For new projects, TorkPad's crypto launchpad has a strict verification methodology, and a KYC (Know Your Customer) process is sometimes performed by a third party as part of new user verification.

What Are the Advantages for TPad Token Holders?

Having TPad in your wallet provides you with numerous advantages.

  •  You can participate in our private and public sales by holding the TPad.
  •  If you stake your TPad, you can earn APY. The higher your Tier, the more allocation you will receive during the sales.

Is it required that I complete KYC in order to participate in IDO?

KYC verification is required to participate in our Strong Holder Offerings by the TorkPad.

How does the TorkPad Whitelist function?

For IDO participation, all TPad holders must register on the blockchain. You can register by clicking the Whitelist button on the project page on TorkPad's website.

What happens if a project's soft cap is not reached?

If the soft cap is not reached, all participants will be able to reclaim their BNB that they put up for sale. This is all done on-chain, so there is no risk of bad actors stealing money if the soft cap is not met.

Will KYC be required for all projects?

No, not always. The KYC requirement is determined independently by project leadership.

Is it possible to withdraw or unstake before the deadline?

Yes. If you unstake before the deadline, you must pay a penalty. The penalty rate changes depending on when you stake. It all depends on how much time is still available.

Which currency do you accept as payment for IDOs?

It varies depending on the project. To find out which currency the project uses, go to IDO Projects at Every project specifies the currency.

What are the countries that support KYC?

A complete list of countries supported by our KYC system can be found at link.

Note : Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change and is constantly updated.

Is it necessary for me to register for each IDO?

Yes, each IDO should be accessed individually. There is no restriction on the number of IDOs you can attend. Of course, this is subject to pre-registration for the whitelist and allocation.

I am unable to verify my identity. So, what should I do?

First, check the current list of permitted countries to ensure that your country is included. Then, determine which types of documents are accepted by your country's KYC system. If you are still having trouble completing a KYC, please join Telegram.

Is it possible to stake after each IDO?

No. As long as your TPad is staked, you are eligible for any IDOs. The staked amount will be matched with the linear participation system.

Why don't I see an allocation after I completed all of the steps?

You could have skipped one of the steps. Check that you used the correct link and that it was verified, especially for KYC. See item 8 for more information. Check to ensure that the same wallet was used for staking, registration, and KYC.

How do I get involved with IDOs?

  •  Buy TorkPad on PancakeSwap and meet our tiered criteria for guaranteed allocation. Please review TokenName Tiers.
  •  IDO Projects can be found at Every project specifies the currency.
  •  To participate in the upcoming IDO, fund your wallet with the currency indicated on the project.
  •  Check out all of the upcoming IDOs on and register early to get guaranteed allocations. Some projects require KYC, and others may require that your wallet address be whitelisted. So, please do whatever is required. Once completed, KYC is applicable to all future projects. The IDO details page contains all of the information.
  •  At the time of IDO's launch, go to and connect your wallet (prefunded with TPad and currency indicated on project) and then buy the allocated amount of tokens based on your tier or whatever maximum it will allow you.