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BullStarter Launchpad


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$ 4.02M$ 420.00KN/ATBA
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About BullStarter Platform

BullPerks is a fair and community dedicated decentralized VC and Launchpad.

Tiers and Timelocks

Users can participate in BullPerks deals by locking / staking their BLP tokens and joining farming pools using BLP and LP tokens. There is a tier based system based on the amount of tokens locked:

  • Copper Bull (1500 BLP tokens)
  • Bronze Bull (5000 BLP tokens)
  • Silver Bull (15K BLP tokens)
  • Gold Bull (50K BLP tokens)
  • Titanium Bull (125K BLP tokens)
  • Platinum Bull (250K BLP tokens)

Each tier has access to VC and IDO deals but with a limited ticket size which can be found in the deal’s page.

To pursue mission to be the fairest and most community-dedicated platform, we created a Time Locker system so that everyone can get a fair share in the deals. It allows everyone to be able to participate in some deals since there are many low tier holders among our bulls whom we want to be happy.

Here are Time Lockers per tier:

  • Platinum Bull — No locking period.
  • Titanium Bull — 1 day locking period.
  • Gold Bull — 2 days locking period.
  • Silver Bull — 2 days locking period
  • Bronze Bull — 3 days locking period.
  • Copper Bull — 3 days locking period.

After every 2 months, we will review the level and amounts of tokens in each tier and potentially change them based on price increase. This will help lower the barrier for Bulls that want to move between tiers and to allow new Bulls to get into the club. Information about tiers can be found here.