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Machine Xchange Coin [MXC]
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Token: Ethereum
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MXC IoT solutions provide a wide scope of essential data services.

Machine Xchange Coin ICO Review

ICO is ended: 30 Sep — 19 Oct 2018

ICO price

$ 0.015
Ξ 0.00005

ROI since ICO

USD: 0.28x  (-71.8%)
ETH: 0.45x  (-55.4%)


USD: 2.11x  (111.5%)
ETH: 5.85x  (484.8%)

Private/Pre-sale is ended: 1 Jun — 1 Sep 2018

Private/Pre-sale price

$ 0.015

ROI since Private/Pre-sale

USD: 0.28x  (-71.8%)

ATH ROI since Private/Pre-sale

USD: 2.11x  (111.5%)

Max bonus


Machine Xchange Coin ICO was conducted from 30 Sep to 19 Oct 2018.

The project raised $ 24,000,000 out of $ 24,000,000.

Private/Pre-sale investors were able to buy Machine Xchange Coin tokens at a price $ 0.015. They have got -71.80% losses from their investments.

Investments of the Machine Xchange Coin are now down about 0.00 percent.

At the $ 0.0317 ATH price on 5 Dec 2018 investors were able to sell this position with 2.11x ROI in USD.

The Machine Xchange Coin token is now trading at 0.28x in USD and 0.45x in ETH from the ICO price.

ICO token price was $ 0.015, Ξ 0.00005.


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Token economics

Total Hard Cap

$ 24,000,000
Ξ 8,000

Total Raised

$ 24,000,000

Total Soft Cap

$ 10,000,000

Token allocation

Total supply:

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About ICO Machine Xchange Coin

The MXC “Machine eXchange Protocol” facilitates the uninterrupted exchange of information between connected devices.

MXProtocol places a keen focus on reducing collision between networks, constructing an interchain data market, developing a market for network coverage and introducing an independent Quality of Services (QoS) framework for both data providers and receivers.